About the Collection

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My name is Kenneth Murphy and I live in beautiful Calgary Alberta Canada.

Many of my friends know me as Recordhead.

I love all forms of music, pop art, cultural history and the stories of the record entrepreneurs who made the music happen in the 1950s and 1960s.

My passions intersect in the Vinyl LP record and the 45 rpm single, which I have loved since I was a kid growing up in Montreal in the 1960s.

My focus is on the first twenty five years of the LP era: 1949-1972 — because I find these years musically and culturally the most interesting, and because every organized collection needs a have a clear focus.

Over the past 50 years I have assembled a somewhat large collection of almost 34,000 original pressing LPs, most manufactured in Canada, but including many LPs from the USA which were never issued in Canada but are essential records from this era.

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The first LPs were 10” in diameter, produced in the USA and Canada from 1948 to late 1954.

You’ll find approximately 4,000 10” LPs in the collection, all manufactured in Canada or the USA.

You’ll find over 33,000 12”LPs in the collection, all manufactured in Canada or the USA from 1954 – 1972

When an LP was manufactured in Canada, using US artwork but with a Canadian label and catalog number, I have used the US Label and catalog.

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45 RPM Singles and EPs

The 45s in my collection are limited to those manufactured in Canada between the years 1949-1972.

This means you’ll see many Canadian-only labels like Quality, Reo and Barry, Regency, Delta and Sparton, which each represented a wide and ever changing range of US independent labels over the years.

I continue to conduct extensive research to determine the correct original factory sleeve the Canadian-made 45 was first issued in. I hope you enjoy this very detailed but important historical and visual aspect of the Canadian made 45s in the 3345.ca collection.

The EPs in the collection are limited to those manufactured in either Canada or the USA.

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Missing Scans

There are two reasons why you may find a record listed with no attached cover scans

First, I may have the record, but have not yet scanned it. In this case the blank image field will indicate: “Not Yet Scanned”. Please be patient, we’re working as hard as we can.

Second, we know of the record, but do not yet have a copy. In this case the blank image field will indicate: “Not Yet in Collection”